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Y-Bridge Zanesville Muskingum River

Who We Are

The Vision

Bear and Marissa Davis are extremely excited to present Pea Ohana Zanesville which not only fits their narrative but will have an incredibly positive impact on a community. Meeting in 1999 in Wheeling, WV, and owning a riverfront house on Wheeling Island they have always had a thirst for taking advantage of the natural waterway.


Pea Ohana is Hawaiian for Bear Family. Through their time visiting the North Shore in Oahu, they fell in love with the VIBE. The eclectic love of the water life comes from the Pea Ohana brand. They want to share that experience with local adventures and tourists to the region alike. Pea Ohana Zanesville is not just a business, it is a lifestyle.

Our Mission

Pea Ohana's mission is super simple. We want to allow everyone from a non outdoors person to the extreme naturalist an opportunity to enjoy our brand and offerings.  Whether it is through our excursions, lifestyle brands or eco-friendly education we welcome all. Our mission is to be a connector between the people and the great outdoors. 

The Pea Ohana Lifestyle is to be where outdoor enthusiasts can connect with the traditions that have developed over generations. We offer hassle-free outdoor experiences. Simply want friends, families, and alike to sit back and enjoy what the good earth has given to us to play with.

Two People Smiling
The Team Bringing It All Together

On and off the water this is the team that brings you Pea Ohana Watersports.

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