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Buckeye Lake Pirate Fest - Paddleboard Treasure Hunt

Updated: Mar 17

Paint N' Paddle

Join us for the 1st annual Buckeye Lake Pirate Fest on Saturday, May 18th. This family-friendly festival features the Buckeye Lake Treasure Hunt by Land and Sea. This paddleboarding adventure features four treasure stops. Launch times between Noon and 12:30 PM & the event will last 2-4 hours.

Maximum Weight Limit 250 lbs for all paddleboards. Ages 18+ Only

The Buckeye Lake Pirate Treasure Hunt by Land and Sea is a featured Event!   Pirate Fest Treasure Maps will be handed out at the Port Royal / the Harbor Community Center and participating local area businesses.  The Treasure Maps will identify up to 40 business locations with a red X that will each have a drawing for a treasure chest with over $150 value in cash, gift cards, and merchandise – contents will be customized by their business. Includes the custom handmade Treasure Chest ($50 value) for each winner.

5000 FREE Treasure maps will be distributed for participants to use to go around the lake stopping where an X marks the location of treasure! 

The maps will be two-sided, with treasure my land and sea.  You’ll be able to go to 20 locations by boat by following your treasure map and all 40 locations by car (all locations will be accessible to land). 

Your goal is to visit as many locations as you can on Sat May 18!


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