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Reopening May 2023! Thank you for a great year.

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— "Rivers are places that renew our spirit, connect us with our past, and link us directly with the flow and rhythm of the natural world.” – Ted Turner



"Bear Davis and his staff were very friendly and eager to help. From my original phone call to get waivers sent out to the parents that would not be in attendance to the pick-up after our kayaking trip down the Muskingum River, they were awesome. It was a relaxing experience and I will be back in the near future."

Christopher Baldauf

"This was our first experience with river tubing and we had a blast! It was not only relaxing but fun! Our kids loved it so much, (especially going through the rapids) that they begged us to go again. We’re definitely planning to return and try out kayaking. We highly recommend checking out Pea Ohana. Bear Davis and all his staff were excellent and super helpful!"


"The staff is attentive, helpful, and laid back. It was the best way to spend a Sunday."

Leann Smith

"I liked the fact that I could do a rental. It makes a lot easier for people that don’t have access to purchasing a kayak. Had a lot of fun with my friend. I’ll be recommending you guys to all I know!"

Erica Evanse

"The staff was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the river, tubing, and kayaks, and they were very professional. Pea Ohana's customer service made organizing and feeding a group of senior football players easy and stress-free. Thank You Pea Ohana & Staff for helping to create an amazing experience & lifetime memories for this group."

Linnet K.

"What a fun day on the river!  Pea Ohana has a really cool vibe!  The store front is colorful and fun!  The crew was friendly.  The Licking River was too low, so we went down the Muskingum River.  The river was very slow which made for a lazy float!  The crew was wonderful.  Very nice and even towed us a couple times!  I highly recommend the cooler float!  It holds a big cooler.  We had two smaller coolers.  They both fit and we still had room for our dry bags.  I do wish we had a small paddle because there were a couple times we weren't going anywhere!  I will go back another day to try the Licking River route!"

Elise Leonard

"The staff at Pea Ohana was fantastic. We had a float planned with friends driving in from an hour away. We had some issues with traffic and the staff was understanding and super polite. The weather was perfect, the ride was fantastic and the tubes were comfortable. I will definitely be returning as well as recommending them to everyone I know! It is so great our community has an outdoor activity like this."

Amber F.

"We had the best time tubing with Pea Ohana! The check-in was super easy and the workers were really friendly. The bus shuttles you to the drop-off spot and they unloaded the cooler float (the tubes were already at the location) I highly suggest getting the cooler float as it is big and can hold 2 coolers or one big one probably.  The river was really fun to float down, and the last mile is a slow lazy float. It was a perfect relaxing time! We met up with the owners while floating down the river and they shared funny stories and all of their ideas to come! We can't wait to come back and float down the river again!"

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